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Water Testing

Water Treatment in Akron, Ohio

Our skilled technicians are available to discuss your water treatment options to keep your drinking water at its best. Our testing process use the best techniques to remove contaminants so that water you use for drinking, cooking and cleaning is at its best quality.

Your well water should be tested at least once a year, and more often if your water source is a shallow well or surface vessel. We test at the tap and at the source for contaminants.

Keeping your water clean is our specialty. By testing we identify contaminants. Our treatment process uses coagulation to attract dirt and contaminants, which then sink to the bottom and allow clear water to be further filtered. The water is then treated to remove addition contaminants and finally disinfected.

We test for and remove the following substances from your water:

  • suspended solids

  • bacteria

  • algae

  • viruses

  • fungi

  • minerals, including iron

  • lead

  • sulfur

  • Chemical pollutants, including fertilizer and pesticides

Contact Aaron’s today to learn more about our top of the line water treatment in Akron, Ohio, and how we can help you with all your water well and pump needs.

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