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Water Softening Systems

Water Softening Systems in Akron, Ohio

At Aaron’s, we offer a variety of water softening systems to improve the quality of the water from your private well. Your mineral-rich hard water is generally not a health problem, but it can make rinsing frustrating and it can cause damage to plumbing and appliances due to deposits that can build up as a result of these minerals.

Our water softening systems remove these minerals, including calcium, magnesium, carbonate and manganese, making your water easier to work with and safe for plumbing, appliances, dishes and clothing.

Ask our water treatment experts about the following water softening systems available at Aaron’s Well and Pump & Coventry Well and Pump:

Salt-based Ion Exchange Softener

Softens water by substituting sodium for the hard minerals. Water is filtered through two tanks, one containing resin beads and the other containing brine.

Salt-free water softening

Uses a potassium-chloride salt substitute that prevents the hard minerals from being deposited onto surfaces and plumbing. This is a great system for people concerned about salt intake.

Dual-tank systems

Your family’s water usage habits are unique. Our staff can customize your water treatment system to fit any type of water usage, including around-the-clock demand.

During water softening, water is unavailable for use during regeneration. While this part of the cycle is usually set overnight, that may not work for your family. Our professionals can show you the benefits of a dual-tank system, which provides usable water from one tank while the other is regenerating. This type of system provides a continuous supply of quality water.

Reverse osmosis systems

Ask our experts about adding a reverse osmosis system to your home. Historically used to desalinate ocean water, reverse osmosis works with your water softener by going a step further, and removing hydrocarbons, sulfates, and pesticides. These systems provide your family with the purest and best-tasting water.

Call our water treatment experts today for a consultation and detailed information on how we can improve your water quality.

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