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Don’t take your water well for granted. Like most homeowner responsibilities, regular attention can help you avoid costly emergencies. At Aaron’s Well and Pump & Coventry Well and Pump, we recommend routine visual inspections of your well head and annual checkups of your well and pump system.

Keep an eye on your well

If your water seems cloudy or has developed an odd taste or odor, or you suddenly notice a decrease in your well’s capacity, call us immediately. These may be signs there is a problem with your well.

As a rule, never store fertilizers or pesticides near your well, and take care when mowing to avoid damage to the wellhead or cap.

Occasionally walk the area around your well to check the following:

  • Casing – The pipe should extend at least 12 inches above ground

  • Well cap – Check for cracks and broken seals

  • Electrical conduit – Check that connections are secure

  • Landscape around the wellhead – It should slope away from the well

  • Nearby trees and shrubs – They should be 10 feet from the wellhead to accommodate root systems

Annual inspection

An annual checkup is your best defense against unexpected problems with your well and interruption of your water service. Our technicians will check the following:

  • The yield of your well, including the water level during pumping

  • Water quality, including appearance and testing for bacteria and nitrates

  • Condition of the pump

  • Performance of the pressure tank

  • Confirmation that equipment and performance meets local codes

Your inspection includes a written report for your records that explains all test results and general condition of your well.

Call Aaron’s Well and Pump today to schedule your water well and well pump inspection.

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